How to Get More Visitors to Your Website – 2016 Guide

How to Get More Visitors to Your Website – 2016 Guide

Web presence is something that helps businesses to grow rapidly in terms of commerce and brand. If you are new in industry and only few people are aware about your services or products, then website is the podium where you can reach fresh users daily. The more people interact with your website the more chances you will get to have business with them. The major thing is that your website should be clean and easy to use for users. If the visitors are having good user experience with your site then it will definitely reflect in your bank account.

Let’s discuss, what are the most popular ways for getting traffic for your business?

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is an active process of increasing your website visibility in search engine result pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. When, people search something on Google & Bing, how many people go beyond first page for more results? The answer is only few people. SEO comes in play at this moment to bring your website pages higher in the rank for particular keyword phrases and words. search engine optimization services can be a little bit time-consuming process so, if you haven’t initialized SEO activities for your website yet, then you are going to miss the “king title” in the race of online businesses.


The basic of Search Engine Optimization is to make your pages readable to search engines by removing barriers, edit content and put fresh and valuable content, optimize content with most relevant keywords of your business, get some quality backlinks for your webpages etc. The best part of SEO is that your website gets highly relevant users from organic results.

2. Social Media – Social Media sites are the portals where people connect and discuss on different topics. Businesses need to create their official pages on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin etc using social media optimization tactics. Here, you can attract users by sharing some interesting stuff that potential users will love to hear. It is like spreading word of mouth at digital age. If people like your service or product they will automatically start sharing and recommending your services to others. Businesses not only gain free traffic from there but also get the information about the latest trend. Still didn’t get it, know how to use social media marketing help business to grow


3. Blog and Articles – The more you are published the more authority you get in your niche. But, the only catch is that the content you are publishing should be worth of reading. If there is nothing new to read, readers will probably skip reading your blogs. So, make sure that your blog/articles targets a specific category of users, precise, media rich (image and videos), interesting. Guest blogging can bring you better results comparison to publish on your own site.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC) – PPC and CPC are most common terms used for paid advertising. Google Adwords is one of the best platforms for paid advertising as it can offer you highly relevant traffic for target keyword and phrases from specific region. There is no hidden cost and charges or setup fee for pay per click; you are all set to go with the budget you set. Prices may vary on location and keywords.


All you need to do is optimize your web pages for Adwords campaign in order to get maximum return on investment (ROI). Your ad will be displayed in front of the users according to your relevancy & ad score, but you will be charged only if someone clicks on your ad.

5. Remarketing – This is common, but effective advertising method. Remarketing helps bring back the online users to your site who has visited you recently, but left without conversion. Those users will see your ads on most of the websites they will visit next.

6. Facebook Advertising – Advertising on social media sites like Facebook is also very effective to bring new users on your site. There are so many popular social media sites where people are spending more than an hour daily. And, displaying your ads for target people on social media sites will undoubtedly increase your sell. Facebook is one of the most common social media paid ad platform with cost effective campaigns options. You can target Facebook users by location, gender, interest etc. There were 483 million active users tracked in 2011 and now numbers have increased significantly.

7. YouTube – Videos and Images are effective way to deliver information in quick manner. They take less time to share large amount of data. YouTube is a video platform where you can share some interesting videos with your industry information. Make sure that it contains real and latest information in your category. YouTube automatically starts putting your video in front of potential visitors if it is unique, interesting, original and fun watching.

Along with the video, focus on call to action (what is next step), steps for action (may be a link), and outcome.

8. E-Mail Marketing – Bringing people via e-mail marketing is one of the oldest techniques. The idea behind using this marketing technique is that many of the users need to be engage multiple times before they make purchase. This can be nice platform for your business to connect with potential customers as well as existing customers. Give them a compelling reason why they should subscribe or engage with your online portal. For existing customers, tell them what they have missed (videos, new products, free coupons etc.)


9. Discussion and Recommendation – If someone visited your site and loved your services, and then he will surely recommend to his friends as well. Having discussions with others and bringing website in your communication also help gain valuable traffic. Forums, groups or communities, question answers sites etc. and like this platforms are good spot to market and recommend your business.

10. Public Relations – PR strategies help you build brand awareness among potential customers. But, the cost of PR is little high comparison to other marketing options. You will get valuable relevant traffic and reputation from readers with the help of PR.

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