Why & How to Respond Online Reviews

Why & How to Respond Online Reviews

Reviews are critical for any kind of business which is running online or have online presence. Online reviews on sites like social media another particular review sites can be very helpful for customers and businesses. Review written on social media or any review site by the customer about your product or service offers potential customers highly effective recommendation than any advertising campaign.

It’s a kind of free advertisement that offers effective exposure of business services. It is quite equal to word of mouth in a positive way and search engines also provide a positive ranking boost that can further help in increasing brand value. We as a Internet marketing agency in Jaipur, India analyze these things and help our customers to receive the positive side of reviews from their customers and hide the negatives.

Internet Marketing Services are very important at the current time because most of businesses are coming online and competition among them has also increased. So, to stand out in this crowd, digital marketing companies in India and worldwide are playing vital role. Before we start discussion in detail one should know that online reviews about business, have positive and negative both side and how you react on them; provide possibilities to the business.


It is always better to hire in Digital Marketing firm to get best business opportunities with best return on investment. These firms can help you to get more leads and business at the competitive prices. If you haven’t thought about hiring an agency to boost your business opportunities then you are missing a lot because return on investment will always be higher in online advertisement, if you have chosen the firm wisely.

It is always better to interact with the customers on reviews about your services. Why this is so?

If you react on reviews in a sensible way then it brings opportunities for your business, and if you lose your control while answering the customer reviews then it can impact your business negatively. Taking time to understand customer review and respond to him/her if one of the nicest ways to address your potential customers and let them know that you are business it’s not personal to their customers and not just a brand name. Digital marketing companies better understand these situations and always try to respond on an online review to established communication between customer and business so that it can be turned into loyalty, encourage revisits and bring back the customers which were not satisfied with your services last time. And moreover, it can build your online reputation with a strong base. Get more idea about How to Get More Visitors to Your Website.

The main point is, what you get via responding online reviews

1. Courtesy – it doesn’t matter that you are responding to a compliment or complaint by a customer; writing on the review is one of the polite things from businesses to strike in potential customers mind. By doing this you are giving appreciation at a personal level to the customers who believed in you and your services.

2. Free advertisement – the best thing you that’s where responding your customers he is free exposure and promotion for your company. Because, whenever you are addressing someone on review site, lots of potential customers are reading your response and attitude towards others. According to the survey more than 89% people read online reviews before making any purchase so, you can take an idea that how important it is to responding to your customers.

Types of reviews

1. Positive reviews – this is the best form of online advertisement that never can be done with a paid campaign. It is quite equal to word of mouth coming from horse’s mouth.

There are two important things when you are writing on a positive review. First one is, be personal. When you are connecting with your clients you should always expect their opinion android in a same manner. The second one is using keywords. This is kind of search engine marketing tactics. When you use your most important business terms or key phrases, search engines capture your activity and that terms you are using in your conversation. And you get advantage in search rankings.

2. Negative reviews – negative reviews can harm your business crucially. So you need to take more time to understand their concern and respond accordingly so, potential customers give you advantage of doubt. Facing negative reviews is not a good thing, but ignoring it can be even more harmful for the brand.


So again, life positive reviews there are few rules for responding to negative reviews as well. Which are as follows –

a) Be personal – this is the same rule we have discussed in positive review of action and you have to follow it in any situation. This shows that how important your customers are for you.

b) Be sorry – always be Apologetic and Sympathetic to your customers to occur this situation.

c) Never attack – when you are responding to your customers it is very important to be polite and never react aggressively in a personal way. Because, they are here for the business, not for you. Showing anger can impact and harm your brand.

d) use keywords – this is also the same rule which we have discussed in positive review section. This will help in achieve better rankings in search engines.

Thank you for paying attention on our latest content on how to respond on your work online reviews. We are one of the leading Internet marketing Company based in Jaipur, India

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